What’s Hot: Noir-inspired restaurant in San Francisco

The Hotel Palomar has debuted a new restaurant in the space formerly occupied by the Fifth Floor restaurant.

Dirty Habit, which seats 90 and can accommodate 120 for receptions, plays with the concept of illusions and film noir. Dawson Design Associates started by researching film noir concepts. Then, they realized they wanted to evoke an industrial and edgier version of that style that the era often evokes.

Concrete and steel combine with stone on the bar front, where black veins look broken for a less slick take. Playing with the lighting helped the designers achieve a faintly sinister layer to the space’s undeniably glamorous look. At night, colored lights give the space an ambience that’s equal parts cool and creepy, with green and amber tones adding an edge.

Gloria Swanson's stare accents the wall.
Gloria Swanson’s stare accents the wall.

Opening up the windows to natural daylight during the day gives the space a less edgy style for lunch guests. Rich materials and some glossy finishes balance the roughness of other textures. The restaurant also features a heated outdoor patio.