Vision Hospitality to live ‘Humanist Hospitality’

There is so much conversation around staffing today that perhaps it comes as no surprise that Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Vision Hospitality Group has launched a subsidiary management company with a focus on the art of human interaction and living The Golden Rule called Humanist Hospitality.

With 44 hotels and restaurants in its stable, forward-thinking President and CEO Mitch Patel could be stealing a play from Four Seasons Founder Isadore Sharp, who always emphasized a culture that taught The Golden Rule philosophy of management. Not a bad act to follow, the rebranding could help Vision Hospitality gain traction as a management company with an approach that is people focused and inclusive by nature.

The values of the new company will prioritize local hires, supporting and promoting local businesses,  charitable giving and sustainability.

As part of the new branding process, Vision has launched ‘The True U’ program, which includes all areas related to internal and external partners – from rewards and recognition, training and development, diversity and inclusion, to wellbeing and more.

Vision Hospitality’s current portfolio and pipeline includes a mix of lifestyle, soft branded, premium select, and full-service hotels affiliated with Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt and InterContinental.