Vaask’s PalmPilot takes hand sanitizing to next level

Designed as a permanent, built-in hand sanitizing fixture, Vaask® complements the style of any space while delivering zero-mess hand hygiene. The U.S.-manufactured fixture’s PalmPilot® sensor accurately detects the range and motion of hands, avoiding mistimed dispenses. Provide your guests and management with a better experience:

  • Permanent: AC powered or POE (power-over-ethernet); no batteries required
  • Built to last: Made of cast aluminum; 5-year warranty
  • Visual alerts: LEDs attract users and notify staff when it’s time to refill
  • Customized finishes: Powder coating, plated metal and custom graphics
  • Sustainable: Large-capacity, refillable tank compatible with any gel-based sanitizer

Customize your Vaask here.