Trump’s hotels face PR dilemma from his political activity

Trump International Hotel Las Vegas
Trump International Hotel Las Vegas

NEW YORK CITY Trump Hotel Collection, Trump Entertainment Resorts and other hotel companies affiliated with Donald Trump are facing a public relations backlash as a result of his recent political activity.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has created a page of its website dedicated to the prospective Republican presidential candidate, quoting him as being “opposed to gay marriage” and suggesting that people consider his political views “when you’re deciding whether to patronize a Trump establishment.” The organization then lists many of the hotels in which Trump either has a financial stake or to which he licenses his name.

Additionally, a spokeswoman for the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association tells AOL News that the organization plans to discuss possibly expelling Trump Hotel Collection properties during its upcoming meeting in May due to Trump’s increasingly right-wing rhetoric.

Trump Hotel Collection is offering the following statement, approved by Donald Trump himself, to organizations opposed to or concerned by his political positions: “It is common practice—as well as accepted and perfectly legal—for a business owner to separate personal beliefs from business practices. Trump Hotel Collection, as part of The Trump Organization, operates on a set of core values that embraces diversity, sensitivity and acceptance. We respect the right of our associates and our guests to hold their own beliefs, morals and values.”

Trump has previously expressed support for domestic partnership laws that give same-sex couples legal rights comparable to straight married couples’. However, in the past couple months, in conjunction with the ramp-up of his political campaigning, he has reversed that position.