STR: Steady performance in Bangkok and Abu Dhabi; seasonal slowing in Amsterdam

Hotel performance in Bangkok, Abu Dhabi and Amsterdam was mixed in January, according to data from STR.

ADR and RevPAR in Abu Dhabi were above previous comparables for January, while Bangkok’s hotel sector recorded it’s second-highest monthly ADR on record. Abu Dhabi’s occupancy remained around 5 percentage points lower than pre-COVID levels. Amsterdam’s performance declined from prior months in January, the city’s first month without restrictions since the start of the pandemic.


  • Occupancy: 67.5% 
  • ADR: $128.04
  • RevPAR: $86.47

December 2022 was the only other month where ADR exceeded THB 4,000 ($119.04). The market’s January ADR level was 21.5% above the 2019 comparable, while occupancy and RevPAR remained below 2019 comparables by 19.7% and 2.4%, respectively.   

As of daily data, the market’s highest occupancy levels were recorded on Thursday, Jan. 26 (77.1%) and Friday, Jan. 27 (78.6%), helped by the extended Chinese New Year celebrations and initial demand from international Chinese visitors following the country’s reopening.

Overall, Bangkok’s daily occupancy levels were above 60% through January.   


  • Occupancy: 72.4% 
  • ADR: $138.40
  • RevPAR: $100.21

Although occupancy was slightly higher than in January 2022 (72.1%), it was lower than in 2020 (77.6%) and 2019. The highest daily occupancy rates were recorded on Monday, January 16 (88.5%) and Tuesday, January 17 (87.7%), indicating an increase in business travel.

The market’s ADR and RevPAR exceeded the 2019 comparables by 14.6% and 6.6%, respectively. Increases in 2022 and 2020 levels were marginally higher. 


  • Occupancy: 53.1% 
  • ADR: €130.71 ($140.36) 
  • RevPAR: €69.37 ($74.49) 

ADR level exceeded the 2019 comparable (+18.5%), while occupancy and RevPAR remained off the pace by 17.7% and 2.5%, respectively. Occupancy topped 70% only in one instance — on Saturday, Jan. 28 (72.5%) — the night of the Robbie Williams concert.