Squeezed for space? This GM’s solution comes in a bag

Lubosh Barta, general manager of the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, had a challenge that many hotel GMs would relish. Koreans love to move into hotels for Saturday night “staycations” and, despite having 317 rooms and suites, he needed more space.

The in-room tents take about eight minutes to set up.
The in-room tents take about eight minutes to set up.

“The challenge was two-fold. Some parents wanted separate rooms for their kids, which stopped other adults, who would spend more in restaurants and bars, being able to come and stay. Some parents wanted cots made up in their room, which put pressure on our housekeeping staff,” Barta recalled.

His solution was to work with a Korean manufacturer on special one-child tents. Although there is no regulation in Korea for tents to be fire-proof, Barta made sure that his tents are mainly cotton, which is more fire-resistant. Tents come in carry-bags, as shown, and it takes eight minutes to set one up, complete with bedding and accessories.

“On a peak night we can use 80 tents, far above our expectations, and some kids want their parents to buy one to take home” Barta said.

The tents have become a strong marketing tool. Nearly every parent posts images on social media and kids clamor to have a stay-cation at the hotel.