Sofitel appoints new CEO

Robert Gaymer-Jones
Robert Gaymer-Jones

Sofitel’s chief operating officer Robert Gaymer-Jones received a promotion on Monday to CEO.

Gaymer-Jones has worked as COO at Sofitel since 2007, and is set to focus the company on developing and increasing the brand’s value among luxury travelers using the Paris-based Accor brand’s three labels: Sofitel, So and Legend. This represents a continuation of the repositioning strategy Sofitel has implemented since Gaymer-Jones became COO with the introduction of the So and Legend labels.

“Sofitel intends to pursue strong selective development, specifically in target cities, to reach the ultimate goal of a network of 150 hotels. In adidtion to 11 new openings in 2011 and three Legend openings, Sofitel plans to increase its suite inventory from 11% in 2007 (prior to rebranding) to 15% by 2011, and a goal of 20% by 2015,” Gaymer-Jones said.

Gaymer-Jones said the second So property, Sofitel’s boutique hotel label, will open in Bangkok in 2012 with a signature design from Christian Lacroix. The first opened in Mauritus in December 2010.

Meanwhile two Legend properties are in the pipeline, one in Aswan, Egypt, and the other in Caragena, Colombia, with both set to open in late 2011 or early 2012.