Pornographer plans turn as hotelier—with free rooms for exhibitionists

BARCELONA A longtime publisher of pornographic films sees is planning a foray into the hotel industry. But his business plan comes with an eye-raising catch: complimentary stays for couples willing to let voyeurs spy into their guestrooms.

Berth Milton Jr., son of the Swedish photographer who is widely credited with inventing hardcore porn in the 1960s, believes his sexy hotels could each make tens of millions of dollars a year with real hotel guests engaging in explicit acts in the non-privacy of their guestrooms. Online voyeur fees alone could generate US$43.8 million annually, he says.

But in his business fantasy, Milton’s hotels would operate as legitimate lodging, not simply a swingers club. “It has to be a hotel for non-swingers as well—not super-explicit where everybody’s running around naked,” Milton, the CEO of Nevada-based porn distribution house Private Media Group, tells New York Post. “That takes the style and class out of it.”

Milton aims to open 100 of the hotels across the globe.