Poland, Ukraine limit growth ahead of UEFA 2012: STR Global

STR Global reported on Friday that in light of the upcoming UEFA European Football Championship in June, hotel inventory in Poland and Ukraine is expected to increase by 9.4% in Wroclaw, Poland, 8.7% in Kiev, Ukraine, and 1.7% in Warsaw, Poland, compared to the previous year.

No additional branded supply is expected in Gdnask and Poznan, both in Poland, before the start of the tournament. The daily room inventory of the hotel cities will stay below that of the past host cities such as Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, Belgium, and Lisbon, Portugal.

“The limited supply increase, the media coverage of the event and the hospitality experienced by the teams and the supporters should benefit the host cities,” commented Elizabeth Randall, managing director of STR Global. “This is highlighted in our latest forecast for Warsaw, predicting occupancy to reach 80.1% in June 2012 compared to 77.7% the previous year, and average daily rate to reach 350.41 zloty (US$108.95).”