Phoenix hotel connects guests directly with GM

In an effort to take communication with guests to the next level, The Westin Phoenix Downtown has launched the GM Voicemail program, which allows visiting guests to call or text General Manager John Ford directly.

Via the televisions in each of the hotel’s 242 rooms, Ford asks guests to call his extension or text a number to tell him about any of the hotel’s associates who have gone above and beyond to make their stay memorable or share areas for improvement.

Since the hotel introduced the program in April, it said the GM Voicemail program has received more than 20 responses from guests, most of which have complimented hotel employees. Those mentioned by name are publicly recognized and rewarded with US$10.

“The insight we glean from the voicemail is invaluable,” Ford said. “It is not only a way to identify those associates delivering exemplary service, but also helps us to identify areas where we can enhance what we offer to guests so they leave us relaxed and refreshed, and are sure to return.”