Peachtree Group announces new brand positioning, logo

Peachtree Group has unveiled a new brand positioning and logo. The refreshed brand position will better showcase Peachtree’s fully integrated investment and service platforms, the company said in a statement.

The Atlanta-based company has also launched a new tagline — Guided by Intuition, Grounded by Expertise — aiming to capture the essence of Peachtree’s approach to investment strategies.

Peachtree seeks to combine its understanding of commercial real estate with its experience to make informed decisions to drive growth. Founded in 2007, the group focuses on real estate acquisition, development and lending valued at $9 billion in total market capitalization. The company currently manages more than $2.5 billion in equity.

The company has consolidated all affiliated brands under the Peachtree Group umbrella. This will help unify the company’s portfolio of brands, which include Stonehill and Peachtree Hospitality Management, into Peachtree Group Credit and Peachtree Group Hospitality Management, respectively.

Greg Friedman, CEO and managing principal, Peachtree Group.

By unifying all the brands, the company aims to leverage its collective strengths, streamline operations and provide an improved experience to partners, said Greg Friedman, Peachtree Group’s CEO and managing principal.

“Our dedication to branding has empowered us to maintain a competitive advantage in attracting top-tier talent, ensuring we consistently have the finest minds and skills to navigate a rapidly evolving business landscape,” said Greg Friedman, Peachtree Group’s CEO and managing principal.

The company’s strategic branding approach is focused on uniting its range of businesses and is positioned to unlock more untapped potential within its investment platform.

“This platform, which has already demonstrated its value in the hospitality sector, has been instrumental in our successful expansion and diversification into other real estate sectors and ventures,” said Friedman.

Peachtree has also launched a new logo, which combines the representation of a tree with the capital letter P letterform.

“The introduction of our refreshed brand position and logo marks an exciting new chapter in Peachtree Group’s journey,” said Jatin Desai, Peachtree Group’s CFO and managing principal. “The consolidation of our affiliated companies under one unified name reflects our commitment to delivering a seamless and cohesive experience to all our stakeholders. Our new tagline embodies the balance of our innovative vision and the profound expertise that underpins our success.”