New Embassy Suites launches first TV ad campaign since 2007

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA Embassy Suites Hotels will launch a new television advertising campaign on March 6, part of a US$15 million integrated brand awareness campaign that includes television, print, out-of-home and online advertisements. 

The campaign stars a character internally dubbed “Mr. More,” a quirky business and leisure traveler who’s always looking for “more of more” and “less of less.” The ads can be seen on Embassy Suites’ YouTube channel,, and mark the brand’s first TV advertising since 2007.

“What’s better than getting more of more and less of less?” says John Lee, vice president of brand marketing for the Hilton Worldwide brand. “Our customers count on us to provide top-notch service and great value without sacrificing quality or convenience. Mr. More speaks for everyone who wants to get the most from their travel dollars, and he represents how great it feels to always get more during a stay at Embassy Suites.”

The campaign was created by BBDO-Atlanta, Embassy Suites’ agency of record since 2008. The commercials were directed by Roman Coppola in his first foray in the hotel industry.

“Roman’s quietly off-kilter sensibility and innate understanding of the brand’s personality was a great match for us,” Lee says. “We’re thrilled that he brought to life both Mr. More  and the full breadth of services that Embassy Suites has to offer in a distinctive, fun, and unique way.”

Coppola says he appreciated the campaign’s odd sense of humor. “There is a playfulness to the idea, and I liked that the character had a slightly unhinged quality,” Coppola says. “My collaborators at the agency were very open to take things further and to explore surprising ways that we could see this character’s obsession with wanting more. It’s always fun to work on a commercial project which invites the unexpected.

“It was quite challenging to include all the gags, lines and ideas we had within the limitations of a 30-second commercial. We had to be very diligent about timing each shot and figuring out ways to compress all the ideas to fit into the commercial.”

The commercials will air throughout the year in major U.S. markets including Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Atlanta, San Francisco, Memphis, Houston and Phoenix. In addition, the commercials will be featured on more than 54,000 United Airlines and American Airlines flights in their in-flight programming lineups starting in April. In May, the spots will appear on the CNN Airport Network in 45 airports nationwide.

The commercials were filmed at Embassy Suites Los Angeles-Glendale, California.