Morocco Ritz-Carlton resort project wins approval

TAMUDA BAY, MOROCCO A master plan for a 129-ha resort along Tamuda Bay on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast has gained planning consent by royal approval.

Conceptualized by UK-based Scape Design Associates, the development is to become a Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

The site is adjacent to significant wetlands that are home to many species of migrating birds, including flamingos, and is naturally punctuated with numerous water channels. These features were the starting point for Scape’s scheme.

“It was key that we worked carefully to conserve and preserve the existing ecological qualities of the site in order to develop a sensitive master plan,” says Scape Director Phil Jaffa. “The challenge for us was to fit quite a lot of elements onto the site in way that they all harnessed the wet areas and the sloping gradient as well as the views in one direction of the Mediterranean and in the other of the Rif Mountains.”

Scape is commencing work on the technical master plan. Site preparation works are scheduled to begin towards the end of this year, with completion slated for 2012.