Marriott International’s energy use, emissions down 11% since 2007

BETHESDA, MARYLAND Since 2007, Marriott International has reduced its energy consumption by 11%, reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 10.7% and is on track to meet its goal of a 25% decrease in energy and water consumption per available room by 2017.

During 2008 and 2009, Marriott reduced its water consumption per available room by 8.2% while increasing the number of LEED-registered and certified hotels from 18 to 67.

The data appears in Marriott’s recent sustainability report, which is its first official sustainability report using guidelines set forth by the Global Reporting Initiative. Marriott is the first major U.S.-based hospitality management company to report in accordance with this initiative. “We are committed to being a corporate social responsibility leader, benchmarking with like-minded companies, and providing the information and transparency that our stakeholders increasingly expect,” says Chairman and CEO Bill Marriott.

The report cites other corporate responsibility efforts. Marriott donated US$2 million to jumpstart an Amazon rainforest preservation project in Brazil, and it donated another US$500,000 to help protect access to fresh water in China. Marriott also reports having surpassed its goal of 500 minority- and women-owned hotels, reaching 525 in 2009.