Luxury Collection resort employs cow manure power

MANCHESTER VILLAGE, VERMONT The Equinox resort is taking its green commitment to new pastures, as the 5-star Luxury Collection resort has become part of Central Vermont Public Service’s Cow Power program, which promotes development and reliance on renewable energy in Vermont generated from cow manure.

The Equinox’s 1811 House and Cottage is now powered by cow manure. The cows will be staying at a local farm and the electricity will be imported by the resort as needed for electricity requirements. One cow’s waste can produce enough electricity to light two 100-watt light bulbs 24 hours a day. It will take the waste of approximately 62 cows to meet the electricity needs of these two inns of The Equinox.

The environmental impact of this partnership is equivalent to taking 40 cars off the road. Additionally, Cow Power supports Vermont dairy farms by helping them reduce their environmental impact, including water quality and air quality, and by lowering overall operating costs. The process reduces farm odors by 90% and provides new manure management opportunities, which can be a huge problem on farms, reducing run-off and killing pathogens and weed seeds.