London hotels have poor online reputation

The results of a new online reputation study for European hotels show London hotels faring near the bottom while those in Dresden, Germany are at the top.

The study assigned a 100-point scale to the more than 1,000 cities involved in the study, and only three cities performed worse than London’s 72.2 — the Maltese city of Sliema with 71 and the Spanish towns of Lloret del Mar with 69.57 and El Arenal with 66.78.

Other major cities that performed poorly were Copenhagen, Denmark with 74.29, Amsterdam with 74.42, Paris with 74.58 and Geneva with 74.88. Trivago found that factors such as room price and hotel quality tend to affect review scores harshly, and this partly may explain why these expensive cities might receive lower scores than others. Nevertheless, such price and quality considerations are true for each city in the study.

Besides Dresden, at the top end of the study were Krakow, Poland with 81.09, Bruges, Belgium with 81.03, Venice, Italy with 80.72 and Budapest, Hungary with 80.24.

Belfast, Northern Ireland and Canterbury, England performed the best with 81.44 and 79.21, respectively, for cities within the U.K.

The study weighed 28 million online reviews found on Trivago and its partner booking websites.