Legoland hotel to make UK debut

The Legoland Windsor Resort Hotel is set to open Saturday on the outskirts of London.

The £25 million (US$39.1 million), 150-room hotel is the first Legoland hotel outside Denmark. It features 1,600 Lego models handcrafted by a team of 45 model makers using more than 80 million individual Lego bricks. The entrance boasts a 220-lb (100-kg), 20-ft (6-m) roaring, smoke-breathing dragon perched in a tower, and check-in is in front of a wall made from 6,000 mini Lego figures.

Three types of guestrooms — Pirate, Kingdom and Adventure — all provide one double, queen-sized bedroom, an interlinked smaller bedroom with two bunk beds and additional rollout bed, and a family-friendly bathroom.

Bricks, the Lego-themed restaurant, offers 29 model chefs as well as food stations including wok, salad bar and rotisserie bar, while the Lego Skyline bar features modern versions of signature Lego colors in leathers and cloth in addition to an entire wall with an interactive Lego city skyline.

An indoor swimming pool boasts a Lego pirates-themed splash pool, and planned additions include a Lego-themed outdoor fitness trail.

Meeting facilities are available for up to 320 attendees and promise Lego surprises as well.

The hotel is owned by Merlin Entertainments Group, Poole, U.K. Design was led by Nigel Woods, creative director for Merlin Studios, in collaboration with Allison Pike Partnership, Disley, U.K.