Las Ventanas guest booklet explains symbolism behind staff uniforms

LOS CABOS, MEXICO At Las Ventanas al Paraíso, A Rosewood Resort, even something as basic as the resort’s uniforms plays a role in enhancing guest service delivery and experience.

Every staff department at the 71-key Las Ventanas has a distinct new uniform inspired by the history and culture of Mexico, each with an embroidered design or a color combination imbuing it with a special meaning that reflects and symbolizes the wearer’s job and commitment to providing excellent service. Some uniforms go a step further by embodying ancient secrets and traditions of the Mexican people.

And now this symbolism in the new uniforms of the staff members is revealed in a new booklet for guests.

Uniforms’ hidden meanings

Take the ear of corn on the bellboys’ shirts: Corn is at the core of Mexican culture—the country’s food of life since early times—and the ear on the uniforms represents welcoming and taking care of guests in the finest tradition of Mexican hospitality.

Transportation Department uniforms are embroidered with a Cempazuchitl flower as a tribute to the Mexican people’s ancestors. The extraordinarily beautiful, brilliant-orange blossoms bloom after the rainy season, perfectly timed to adorn altars on the November 2 celebration honoring ancestors since pre-Hispanic times known as the Day of the Dead. The flower on the uniform symbolizes the tradition of hospitality that is always in bloom at Las Ventanas.

The Planning Committee wears blue and white to symbolize the key components of the Las Ventanas experience: the serenity, calm and professional operation by the department heads who comprise the committee; the ambiance of sea and sand; and the resort’s harmony with the natural environment.

Housekeepers and butlers wear shirts that honor the Aztec culture: An embroidered reproduction of the figures etched into the “Palace of the Feathered Snake” in the ancient city of Teotihuacán, the “city of the Gods,” represents their divine mission to make each guest’s stay perfect.

Acclaimed Mexican designers Maria Rosario Mendoza and Alejandro Julian collaborated to create the new uniforms for Las Ventanas. Mendoza is the founder of Guadalajara-based Takasami, the Mexican design company known for its full line of women’s clothing, shoes and accessories as well as for its innovative designs for uniforms. Julian is recognized for his creative men’s and women’s fashions based on the traditional dress of Mexico’s Huichol Indians.