Joule awards sales superstars with Mercedes

Management company Richfield Hospitality has awarded two of its associates at The Joule in Dallas 2012 Mercedes-Benz cars for exceeding sales goals.

Jessica Craycraft, senior group sales manager, and Meredith Harrell, catering manager, both were awarded the luxury automobiles after exceeding their sales goals by more than 25% in 2011.

“The Joule has been undergoing an extensive, US$78 million expansion, which is why their achievements are particularly noteworthy,” said Brendan Carlin, the hotel’s managing director and chief experience officer. “Often, the disruption that comes with construction is an impediment to booking social events and groups of any kind, but Jessica and Meredith were able to focus the guests’ attentions on The Joule’s finer attributes and not let the improvements get in the way.”

According to Carlin, Craycraft focused her attention on building Wednesday through Saturday meeting business, while Harrell exceeded her goals by aggressively seeking out small weddings, well suited to the hotel’s intimate ballroom.

“The Joule is a favorite destination for Dallas business travelers, so our busiest days are Sunday through Tuesday,” Carlin explained. “Jessica and Meredith looked at the hotel’s needs and then targeted the companies and individuals whose own needs for accommodations, meeting and social space were compatible. They took a focused, strategic approach, and it paid off.”

Jessica Craycraft and Meredith Harrell pose with their new cars
Jessica Craycraft and Meredith Harrell pose with their new cars