Inside Brooklinen’s platform for trade and hospitality customers

Brooklinen, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) home essentials company specializing in all things comfort, has launched Brooklinen for Business, the brand’s exclusive program for hotels, B&Bs, interior designers and more.

Brooklinen for Business has become Brooklinen’s fastest-growing emerging channel, with hundreds of new customers registering weekly (and 60% YoY growth). To meet this demand, Brooklinen has launched a dedicated website to introduce interior design and hospitality customers to a new level of comfort:  To sign up for a Brooklinen for Business account, customers should fill out the below application:

Brooklinen’s Trade & Hospitality program offers interior designers, decorators, hospitality and real estate professionals full access to the Brooklinen product catalog with exclusive pricing across all products, including the brand’s core product assortment and commercial-grade line, available only for B4B customers. Whereas orders were originally placed with the Brooklinen hospitality team, browsing and ordering for any property is streamlined and automatic through the website so partners can order whenever is best for their schedules.

Brooklinen for Business partners have access to dedicated staff members that can answer questions and provide expert product recommendations. Partners also have access to complimentary product samples to share with their clients and ensure they have everything they need to make a dream space come to life. Current B4B partners include The Sea Ranch Lodge, The Ameswell Hotel, Upstate Curious and many more.