Indonesian resort offers guests hands-on look at local art

The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah Ubud, Indonesia, has launched classes on Batuan art and painting led by noted art expert and illustrator Bruce Granquist.

“Art Afternoons” trace the history and development of the Batuan school of art, revealing links between Balinese culture and daily life and the village’s various art forms. Priced at US$21 (200,000 Indonesian rupiah) and held at least once a month, the hour-long discussions are on an introductory level, and guests do not need to have a background in art in order to participate. The classes have debuted as a complement to the resort’s Explore in Style package, a new group-wide initiative from GHM that helps guests delve deeply into the customs and traditions of select regions.? 

The 20-villa Chedi Club Tanah Gajah, Ubud was built as the private retreat of Hendra Hadiprana, an Indonesian architect and interior designer and owner of one of country’s largest private art collections. More than 100 paintings and sculptures collected by Hadiprana are part of the Chedi’s acres 12.4 acres (5 hectares) of gardens, ponds and traditional Balinese architecture.

“For a long time, all the arrows pointed to the Chedi Club as the place to get up close with Balinese art,” said Simon Spiller, the resort’s general manager. “Now, with the help of Bruce Granquist, we’re giving guests the story behind the pictures, and with it, access to the creative soul of the island.”