In new brand campaign, Sonesta asks: What’s in a name?

Sonesta International wants you to know its name, since you might not know its name, yet. 

The hotel company has unveiled its first integrated brand campaign known as “Famous Yet Nameless,” which will be launched in four phases and run through 2024. It marks Sonesta’s first major effort to build up recognition on a name that has been around for years but out of the public spotlight.  

The new campaign, which features Judy Greer—like the Sonesta name itself, people might recognize Greer (“Arrested Development”, Xfinity commercials), but not necessarily her name—was created in partnership with RO New York to drive awareness and reframe the brand as it continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of all kinds of travelers.  

“While some brands shy away from their new potential, at Sonesta, we embrace it and welcome new travelers to experience the incredible new offerings we as a company have committed to. The current wide-ranging campaign represents a new Sonesta and how we want to reposition ourselves in the world of hospitality while truly and authentically delivering for our travelers every single day,” said Elizabeth Harlow, chief marketing and brand officer of Sonesta.  

To ensure the campaign reaches a newer audience and is more relatable, Sonesta partnered with travel and lifestyle influencers, each of whom will be featured in the second phase of the campaign, debuting later this year. The influencers have curated content to share with their audience and drive additional engagement and awareness for Sonesta.   

Video courtesy of Sonesta International


Alongside the brand campaign, Sonesta has also reinvented the James brand and established a new one, Sonesta Essential. 

The James, a Sonesta Lifestyle, caters to guest’s demands for crafted detail with modern feel and food and beverage outlets. The luxury lifestyle brand by Sonesta aims to present old-fashioned hospitality with futuristic spin.   

Sonesta Essential offers guests the most important part of travel — the essentials, a comfortable bed, a clean room, amenities that meet their needs.  

“The James is all about the modernist lifestyle traveler, while Sonesta Essential will attract the traveler that just wants to get the essentials done right. We are beyond confident that these two new brands will deliver experiences that our guests have told us they want. Rolling out these new brands this year will be an incredible sign to travelers and the rest of our competitors that Sonesta is offering unique experiences for travelers,” said Vera Manoukian, COO & EVP at Sonesta.