HTNG launches less expensive PCI compliance option

Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) announced on Wednesday the availability of the HTNG Secure Payments Framework for Hospitality, a collaborative effort of over a dozen HTNG members.

HTNG is calling the framework a viable, cost-effective approach to credit card security by ensuring that no hotel system would ever need to process, store, or transmit payment card data. 

“The objective is to let hotels focus on hospitality, and let the payment services industry deal with payment card security,” said Douglas Rice, HTNG’s CEO.

Due to the critical, industry-wide need to confront the escalating threat of payment card information theft, HTNG is making this Secure Payments Framework for Hospitality document available to all interested parties throughout the hospitality industry and its suppliers regardless of HTNG membership.

The full HTNG Secure Payments for Hospitality Framework specification document is available for download here.