Hotusa Group grows in South America

The Hotusa Group, Barcelona, on Wednesay announced plans to develop projects in Brazil and Colombia. Hotusa signed a joint venture agreement with Brazilian hotel management company Nobile Hotéis to develop what it eventually expects to be 15 Eurostar hotels per year across the country. Eurostar is Hotusa’s management company brand currently with some 113 hotels in 15 countries. Hotusa also announced it will open a Eurostar in Bogotá’s newly constructed BD Bacatá building by 2014.

In the joint venture with Nobile Hotéis, majority stakeholder Hotusa Group will develop at destinations where Nobile Hotéis as yet has no presence. Currently under construction with a May 2013 opening date is the luxury, 750-suite Eurostars Brisas Do Lago, situated on the shores of the Paranoa Lake in Brasilia. Further developments are being negotiated in Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Belo Horizonte, Salvador de Bahía and Manaos.

In Bogotá, Catalan architectural studio Alonso-Balaguer y Arquitectos Asociados is creating a structure with two 66-floor towers, which will make it the tallest in Colombia. Some 40 floors in one of the towers will open as a 323-room Eurostar hotel in 2014. The project signifies the fourth incursion by Eurostars Hotels into a Latin American destination, where it is already operating through its hotel management division in Argentina, Peru and Mexico.