Hotels adding dogs and cats to staff

Some of the YouTube website’s most popular videos are of adorable dogs and cats, and with this sensibility hotels are adding domesticated animals to their roster of offerings.

The Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire, located in rural Hampshire, England has brought on a 16-week old black Labrador dog to its personnel list. The dog Oliver Beckington is named after two bishops that once resided on a nearby estate.

“Pets are part of a family and, for many people, a holiday or a visit to the countryside just isn’t complete without them. We happily invite our guests to bring their dogs to stay and are delighted that they will now be greeted by our own! Oliver Beckington is a wonderful addition,” said Charlie Parker, the hotel’s general manager.

New York City’s The Algonquin has had a resident pet since the 1930s, and this week added a new cat named Matilda. A Ragdoll breed of cat, she made her grand debut at the hotel on Wednesday. This will be the third cat named Matilda to live at The Algonquin.

Oliver Beckington
Oliver Beckington