Hotel accuses guests of negative TripAdvisor post, evicts them

BLACKPOOL, ENGLAND A couple was evicted from a Blackpool hotel after management accused them of posting a negative review on TripAdvisor.

Adrian Healey, 33, says he and his partner were asked to leave The Golden Beach Hotel a day early after an angry manager called police to the property to remove them over the online posting.

Hotel officials declined to comment on the incident, but Blackpool police confirmed to a local newspaper that they had been called to the hotel to remove a man who had not committed an offense. “No offense had been committed by the couple, but the manager had requested them to leave the property,” a police spokesperson says. “We advised the couple how to go about getting a refund. This is a civil matter.”

The hotel has a 59% negative rating on TripAdvisor and is ranked 42 out of 64 hotels in the resort city.