Growth itself a big win for HOTELS Giants

Considering the macro events of the past year, the fact that room counts for the industry’s giants continued to grow in 2021 – albeit more moderately – is a big win. If a pandemic can’t destroy inventory, nothing will.

Once again, HOTELS ranks the world’s biggest hotel companies (200 operators and franchisors; 25 consortium) based on room count data as of December 31, 2021. We survey the world’s biggest hotel companies and report what is the industry’s only true global list. In some cases where companies do not respond to our multiple queries, we estimate based on available information, or in a very few cases must use the previous year’s data. Unfortunately, and transparently, there are some inconsistencies in reporting due to discrepancies in reporting by companies listed. Click here to see the rankings.

In reviewing the data, among the biggest gainers were Shanghai’s Huazhu Group Ltd., which further penetrated lower-tier cities in China, with roughly 200 new cities of coverage added during the year. At the same time, Chicago-based Hyatt Hotels Corp, which added Apple Leisure Group to its portfolio, added more than 45,000 rooms to its portfolio.

Top 3 giants Marriott International, Jin Jiang International and Hilton held up quite well in 2021 with Marriott adding more than 23,00 rooms, Jin Jiang adding more than 106,000 rooms and Hilton growing by some 46,000 rooms, according to collected data. Also noteworthy, Highgate moved to 25th from 40th in the ranking, adding some 27,000 rooms.

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Editor’s note: To update the ranking, we have the following addendums:

  • In the Top 50 hotel brands ranking, Hanting Hotels from China’s Huazhu Group should have been listed third with 265,315 guest rooms, and its JI Hotels with 163,587 guest rooms should have ranked 10th.
  • In the Top 50 ranking by number of hotels, China Lodging should have been omitted and Huazhu Group should have been listed with 7,830 hotels.
  • In the Top 200 Corporate listing, Yibon Group, Shanghai, should have been ranked 26th with 63,739 guest rooms and 900 hotels.
  • Also in the Top 200 listing, CoralTree Hospitality, Greenwood Village, Colorado, should have had been ranked 198th with 4,777 guest rooms and 19 hotels.