Groupe GM celebrates 50 years of business success

Groupe GM has been a pioneer within the amenities industry, creating the concept of branded amenities for hotels. Today, the group is celebrating its 50th anniversary and simultaneously the 45th anniversary of “Bienvenue”- their first hotel amenity brand. “Bienvenue” is the first collection of cosmetic products designed in France for the hotel industry specifically. Groupe GM wanted its very first in-house brand to embody the elegance, style and awareness of the universal art of hospitality: the French word “Bienvenue” carries great symbolic weight, and the brand logo features a flower to represent the inviting gesture. As part of the Care About Earth program, the Bienvenue line is eco-designed and made with recycled or plant-based plastic from sugarcane residues sourced exclusively from sustainable farms and responsible suppliers. Today, Groupe GM has a worldwide distribution network of 25 exclusive agents in over 80 countries and showcases its products in more than 7.000 establishments.