Global hotel inventory up 1.6%: STR Global

The hotel inventory compound annual growth (CAGR) increased by 1.6% over the 12-year period, led by Asia Pacific and the Middle East/Africa region, which grew respectively by 2.7% and 2.5% CAGR through February 2012, according to STR Global.

Total global hotel inventory increased by more than 2,315,000 guestrooms since 2000 to reach 13,443,014 rooms as of February 2012.

While North America remained the leading market for branded hotel rooms at 66% of the region’s inventory as of February 2012, it also represents 41.4% of the global room stock with 5,565,866 daily rooms available. It is closely followed by Europe at 29.7% with 3,998,603 daily rooms and Asia at 21.6% with 2,897,823 daily rooms.

“Across all regions, branded room inventory has increased compared to those from independent hotels in the 12-year period to February 2012,” said Elizabeth Randall, managing director at STR Global. “The Asia/Pacific and Middle East/Africa regions led the inventory growth, particularly with the luxury and upper upscale segments, which increased 3.2% and 3.9% CAGR, respectively. During the same period, the economy and midscale segment in North America was the only market segment globally that saw a declining daily room inventory of 0.3% CAGR.”

Across Europe, total room inventory through February 2012 increased 1.1% CAGR during the 12-year period. The major changes within the market class saw the upscale and upper midscale segment increasing from 39% of European total room inventory to 41% during the same period. The economy and midscale segment saw its market share decrease from 46% in 2000 to 44%, with daily available rooms reaching 1,762,420, up 141,538 rooms, in February 2012 compared to 2000.

The Asia/Pacific region, with 21.4% of the global room inventory in February 2012, increased room supply by 2.7% CAGR over the 12-year period to reach 2,897,823 daily rooms. The luxury and upper upscale segment saw the largest CAGR increase of 3.2% in the region during the same period with an additional 191,799 daily rooms. The upscale and upper midscale, and economy and midscale segments increased their daily room inventory respectively by 2.6% and 2.5% CAGR since 2000. In 2000, 39% of the hotel inventory in the region was classified as branded supply, and by February 2012 branded hotel rooms represented 42% of the total Asia/Pacific region’s inventory.

Looking at the Middle East/Africa, the region saw room supply increase by 2.5% CAGR over the 12-year period. The region’s luxury and upper upscale segment grew by 3.9% during the same period, reaching 190,514 daily rooms, followed by the upscale and upper midscale of 2.4% growing to 253,958 daily available rooms.

Central/South America had the fewest number of branded rooms compared to the other regions. The region saw its room supply increase by 1.7% CAGR, reaching 352,330 daily rooms in February 2012. Central/South America’s luxury and upper upscale segment inventory increased 2.1% to 68,685 daily rooms available during the 12-year period.