Geolocation social media firm Topguest partners with Voila Hotel Rewards

NEW YORK CITY Geolocation social media firm Topguest is partnering with Voila Hotel Rewards, a prominent loyalty program for independent hotels.

Topguest is a service that rewards users with loyalty points and perks for virtual “check-ins” via major location-based-services applications, such as Facebook Places, Twitter and Foursquare. Voila is the world’s first points-based hotel loyalty program that unites a network of more than 250 4- and 5-star independent hotels and luxury brands.

“Now, we can offer point rewards for check-ins at hundreds of exceptional independent hotels all over the world,” says Geoffrey Lewis, cofounder and CEO of Topguest. “Topguests who are also Voila members can start earning additional point bonuses and enjoy a greater variety of perks at hotels around the world.”

Voila members will receive 50 points for every virtual Topguest “check-in” on Facebook Places, Twitter or other participating location-aware applications. Points are automatically deposited into members’ accounts, making it easy to track points balances.

Topguest’s new iPhone and Android applications allow users to earn rewards in real time, use them immediately onsite and view a map of Topguest partners nearby.

“Check-ins” are not limited to members staying overnight at a hotel; members can also earn point bonuses in hotel restaurants, bars or when attending work conferences.

“Our partnership with Topguest brings cutting-edge technology into the hands of our most loyal guests and encourages them to enjoy more of what our hotels offer, like food and beverage and meeting facilities,” says Peter Gorla, vice president program strategy and e-commerce for Voila. “The opportunity for accelerated point earnings and rewards also drives member engagement and results in members gaining exposure to a greater number of hotels in the worldwide Voila network.”