Four Seasons offers flexible ‘Meetings Made Yours’ package

TORONTO Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts has seen an increase in group room nights this year of more than 26% compared to 2009. Taking advantage of that trend, Four Seasons is launching a customizable Meetings Made Yours package that allows planners to design programs that meet their needs.

“Companies are investing in face-to-face meetings again because of the tangible and significant return on investment they have been proven to provide,” says Susan Helstab, executive vice president of marketing. “Many seek what Four Seasons has always offered its guests: exceptional value, customized experiences and flawless service that allows the focus to be on the business at hand.”

Combining flexibility with competitive room rates, Meetings Made Yours puts planners in charge, allowing them to design individual programs that define value in their terms. Each client is presented with a menu of options that includes added-value offers such as complimentary breakfasts, breaks, and even reduced attrition.

“We recognize that there is no ‘standard’ conference and that each has its own unique set of needs,” Helstab says. “Meetings Made Yours aims to enhance the success of each event by allowing meetings planners to customize it from the start.”

Augmenting the value offered through the Meetings Made Yours package is the robust, guest-focused support that Four Seasons has always provided at each of its hotels and resorts. By booking with Four Seasons, guests invest in knowing that experienced and creative meetings experts will execute event themes down to the last detail. A collection of amenities like one-hour pressing, 24-hour room service and easy-to-use in-room technology; complimentary administrative support and complimentary access to fitness centres; and coffee, pastry and newspapers in the mornings, create a worry-free stay for event attendees, making the meeting the focus of the trip.