Expedia spends US$9m per month on Google Adwords, leaked document says

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA A leaked internal document indicates that Expedia Inc. is among the largest spenders on ads in Google search results, dropping more than US$9 million in June alone.

The confidential information, obtained by Advertising Age and reportedly verified by outside sources, shows that Expedia and its subsidiary spent US$5.95 million and US$3.3 million, respectively, in June on Google Adwords. Although the leaked document is not inclusive of all Google Adwords clients, the combined total makes Expedia the biggest customer of Google Adwords among the companies listed.

Google Inc. has not confirmed the veracity of the figures, but a spokesman says the company would take appropriate action if any employees or clients improperly distributed the information.

An Expedia spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment from HOTELS.