Driftwood GM survey shows Millennials prioritize price

A survey by Driftwood Hospitality Management, North Palm Beach, Florida, of its general managers shows 43% of believe price is the top concern of Millennial travelers when choosing where to stay for leisure travel, while 20% believe fast and free Wi-Fi is Millennials’ top concern.

Meanwhile 40%% believe the top consideration for Millennial travelers traveling on business is the hotel’s loyalty program and nearly 27% of respondents indicated fast and free Wi-Fi remained the top concern.

Other findings included:

  • Nearly 64% of general managers polled have embraced green programs this year, indicating this is “very Important”
  • 53% agree it’s important for a hotel to go green in order to be more environmentally conscious and make a positive impact
  • Nearly 27% of respondents indicated their desire to go green is based on reducing costs and creating operational efficiencies
  • 73% of respondents indicated their F&B department has made an effort to incorporate healthier menu offerings in 2013
  • The top two healthy efforts listed include “adding healthy snacks” and “adding new or additional gluten-free items”
  • More than 63% of respondents have added locally sourced and organic options to their menus in 2013, indicating a focus in this area
  • 85% believe online review sites and social media are “very important” as part of a marketing and guest relations strategy
  • All Driftwood hotels polled are using Facebook to interact with consumers, with 57% currently using Twitter and 30% using FourSquare
  • 50% of properties surveyed indicated that the general manager responds personally to online comments; one-third have appointed a full-time employee to manage the process

Driftwood’s general manager population identified three distinct trends that could become more prevalent in the year to come. These include increased engagement through various social media platforms, boosting guest and hotel communications, as well as customer service satisfaction, shorter booking windows, and an increasing number of guests per room due to the emergence family/multi-generational travel.