Disruptors: Maximizing email marketing campaigns

Big data is hot right now, and a lot of tools can get your property in front of a qualified group of digital prospects. It’s easy to overlook an existing targeted database that is interested in or has previously purchased from your brand: your email database.

You might think you already market to the email database through the monthly e-newsletter, but this does not fully take advantage of the wealth of information in your database.

We often hear that hotels need to improve midweek occupancy. They create a midweek package and send it to their entire database. While that can be effective, you also have data on your customers, so why not use that information to help drive revenue?

For example, you have data on people who have already booked their stays for Friday and Saturday nights. An email can be sent to just this segment inviting them to extend their stay an additional day. You also know the people who booked midweek last year. Why not put together a quick email inviting them to return?


Chris Jackson, GCommerce, Park City, Utah