Compelled to cuddle: 35% of British adults sleep with teddy bear

Teddy bears comfort more than just kids, a new survey by budget hotel brand Travelodge found.

More than a third — 35% — of 6,000 British adults surveyed admitted they still sleep with a teddy bear because they find cuddling it comforting.

More than half — 51% — said they still have a teddy bear from their childhood, and the average age of respondents’ teddy bears is 27 years old. Twenty-five percent of male respondents admitted they take their teddy bear with them on business, and Travelodge said it has reunited more than 75,000 teddy bears that have been left in its 452 hotels with their owners in the last 12 months alone.

“Cuddling a teddy bear is an important part of our national psyche, as it evokes a sense of peace, security and comfort,” said psychologist Corrine Sweet. “It’s human nature to crave these feeling from childhood to adult life.”