Clean the World’s New Impact Dashboard Supports Hospitality Clients in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting

Clean the World, a global leader in water, sanitation, hygiene, and sustainability, has added a new Impact Dashboard to their Customer Portal which introduces advanced filtering options so partners participating in the Hospitality Recycling Program can get a detailed view of their social and environmental impact over time. By using this new feature, partners can establish internal sustainability goals, track progress, and report their contributions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) transparently to their key stakeholders, all from within the existing Customer Portal.

With the help and dedication of partner hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and soap manufacturers Clean the World has partnered with the hospitality industry to recycle their soap and plastic bottled amenities since 2009. Since then, Clean the World has distributed over 72 million bars of soap in 127 countries, along with 5 million hygiene kits to vulnerable people around the world and over 9 million bars of soap to homeless shelters, food pantries, refugee camps, and emergency healthcare facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.’s Sustainable Travel Report 2022 contains insights gathered from more than 30,000 travelers across 32 countries and territories, highlighting that the impact of their trips remains top of mind, with 71% of global travelers saying that they want to travel more sustainably over the coming 12 months, which is a 10% increase over the company’s 2021 data. With 81% of travelers confirming that sustainable travel is important to them, half of all respondents cited that recent news about climate change has influenced them to make more sustainable travel choices. To that end, over a third (35%) of global travelers say that the sustainability efforts of accommodations and transport providers play a strong role in their property and transport decisions respectively. In fact, 70% of global travelers say they would be more likely to choose a sustainable accommodation – whether they were looking specifically for one or not.

As the hospitality industry shifts its focus to sustainable travel, Clean the World provides hospitality partners with the competitive advantage they need to effectively tell their impact story to eco-conscious and socially-conscious travelers eager to listen. This new innovative dashboard is part of Clean the World’s enhanced reporting launched last year. In addition to communicating impact to their customers, hotel partners also can include these new compelling data points in annual reporting and other sustainability and humanitarian reporting. Clean the World hotel partners can measure their impact through bars of soap distributed and the volume of product collected, and also through additional metrics such as the number of hygiene kits supported, carbon footprint reduction, carbon footprint saving equivalency in trees planted, water conservation, waste diverted from landfill, waste recycled, energy generated, number of mobile showers supported (via Fresh Start WASH and Wellness Program), number of refugees served, and number of people supported.

With Clean the World’s New Impact Dashboard, partners are able to: 

  • Measure how a Flag or Brand’s performance is impacting 9 of the 17 SDGs through 14 different impact/sustainability indicators
  • Filter impact data based on Flag, Brand, individual hotel, or management company over a select period of time
  • Learn about how CTW’s global work contributes to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Easily add key SDG stats to Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) reports, customer-facing communication, and other marketing campaigns
  • View videos and photos of CTW programs and impact in action

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