Chinese visiting US prefer economy, midscale hotels: Expedia

Three-quarters of Chinese travelers to the U.S. are choosing to stay at 1-star to 3-star hotels and paying an average ADR of US$144, according to new data from Expedia.

Chinese travelers have a booking window that is nearly 40% longer than domestic U.S. travelers, with a hotel stay that is nearly 30% longer, on average.

More than ever before, Chinese consumers are traveling to the US, as the number of Chinese travelers visiting the US is expected to grow nearly 120% by 2016 to reach 3.25 million annual visitors. China is the sixth-highest spending country among countries with the most visits to the U.S.

Last year, China surpassed Germany to become the sixth-highest spending among countries with the most visitations to the US. Prices for brand name consumer and luxury goods can be up to 50% cheaper in the U.S., making shopping a primary focus for wealthy and middle-class Chinese travelers.

Approximately 1.1 million Chinese tourists visited the US in 2011 and collectively spent US$7.7 billion during travel.

Cities boasting major leisure attractions are the most popular with Chinese travelers, as the top five destinations for Chinese travelers that booked via Expedia, Inc. sites) are Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Oahu, Hawaii.

According to Expedia, strategies U.S. hotels plan to use to capture their share of China’s burgeoning travel market include

  • 52% of US hoteliers plan to add Chinese teas to their in-house menus
  • 71% plan to partner with China UnionPay
  • 63% plan to establish on-site translation services
  • 46% already offer a Mandarin-version of its website
  • 59% plan to offer Chinese newspapers or magazines