China leads global hotel pipeline with 134,832 guestrooms

WORLDWIDE China’s active hotel development pipeline is the largest in the world, exceeding the respective pipelines of the entire regions of Europe and the Middle East, according to new data from STR Global.

China’s pipeline of 134,832 guestrooms—including 92,559 in the construction phase—surpasses the Middle East’s 123,631 guestrooms under development.

All told, the pipeline in Asia Pacific comprises 1,037 hotels totaling 255,208 guestrooms, with India contributing the bulk of the rest of the pipeline—47,477 guestrooms, more than half of which are in construction.

Among the key city markets in Asia Pacific, Shanghai, ended August with the most guestrooms in the total active pipeline (13,227), more than 80% of which are in construction. Bangkok reported 9,138 guestrooms in development, followed by New Delhi, with 7,215 guestrooms.

In Asia Pacific, the upper-upscale and upscale segments combined for 49% of total pipeline inventory, while the luxury segment made up 18% of the pipeline.

The Europe hotel development pipeline comprises 699 hotels totaling 120,266 guestrooms, with 311 of those projects in the construction stage. About 40% of Europe’s hotel projects are in the upscale or upper-upscale segments. Most of Europe’s development activity is occurring in the UK, with 27,384 guestrooms in the pipeline, followed by Germany (16,702) and Russia (16,303).

Among Europe’s city markets, London leads the way with 8,394 guestrooms in the pipeline, followed by Berlin, at 4,622.

The Middle East and Africa region counts 449 hotels and 123,631 guestrooms in the active pipeline, led by the UAE and its 53,833 guestrooms under development. Saudi Arabia follows with 16,464 guestrooms in the pipeline. Dubai is the region’s leading city for development, with 31,512 guestrooms, more than half currently in construction.