Capsule hotel concept debuts in China

SHANGHAI The first capsule hotel in China has opened at Shangai Railway Station.

The 68-unit ultra-budget hotel, which only permits men, features capsules that are 1.1 m high, 1.1 m wide and 2.2 m long. Each is equipped with electrical outlets, clocks, lights, TV and wireless Internet. The hotel also has a public lavatory, shower room and smoking room.

The basic rate is 28 yuan (US$4.22) per person, plus an additional 4 yuan an hour. A 24-hour stay costs 88 yuan.

The hotel is owned by 33-year-old Ta Zan, who used to work at a capsule hotel in Japan, where the concept is popular. One of his chief innovations is allowing guests to select from one of three “snoring zones,” where loud sleepers can be comfortable knowing they are among other loud sleepers.