Bouncing on the bed gets serious

Bouncing on the bed might get kids in trouble, but Premier Inn has made it Natalie Thomas’ job. Thomas, the U.K. budget chain’s new director of bed bouncing, has been tasked with testing the comfort of each of Premier Inn’s 46,000 beds across 602 hotels every six months.

Thomas — who hails from Bedfordshire — has a unique ability to feel even the smallest lump or bump in a mattress, Premier Inn said in a news release, and takes special care of her derriere via regular moisturizing and avoiding hard-wearing materials, like denim.

“I work with an excellent team of ‘bouncers,’ and we work together to bounce on every part of the bed,” Thomas said. “Whilst we have lots of fun bouncing on beds, we take our job very seriously, as making sure every guest gets a good night’s sleep is of paramount importance to us all.”