Asia Pacific, Europe lead global pipeline: STR Global

Asia Pacific and Europe topped the global pipeline in March according to the latest figures from STR Global.

The Asia Pacific hotel development pipeline comprises 1,602 hotels totaling 366,775 rooms.

Among the region’s countries, India reported the largest expected room growthat 35% if all 60,845 rooms in its total active pipeline open. Other countries to report significant expected room growth: Vietnam at 27.2% with 10,830 rooms in the total active pipeline, the Philippines at 23.9% with 8,805 rooms, Indonesia at 22.4% with 25,156 rooms and China at 14.8% with 203,216.

The Europe hotel development pipeline comprises 879 hotels totaling 141,062 rooms.

Among the key markets in the region, Manchester, United Kingdom, reported the largest expected growth of 27.7% if all 3,611 rooms in the total active pipeline open. Other markets that reported significant expected room growth include: Birmingham, U.K. at 19.3% with 2,043 rooms in the total active pipeline, Glasgow, U.K. at 14.9% with 1,105 rooms, Moscow at 14.7% with 5,392 rooms and London at 11.9% with 13,220 rooms.

The Middle East and Africa hotel development pipeline comprises 497 hotels totaling 134,585 rooms.

In the Middle East and Africa region, 12 properties opened in the first quarter with 2,718 rooms. The region expects 134 more properties to open this year with 34,688 rooms. The upper upscale segment is expected to open the most rooms in the remainder of 2012 with 27 properties and 8,448 rooms, followed by the unaffiliated segment at 32 properties with 8,168 rooms and the luxury segment at 26 properties with 7,312 rooms.

In 2013 the region expects 125 properties to open with 31,614 rooms. The most rooms are expected to open in the upper upscale segment with 36 properties and 10,804 rooms, followed by the upscale segment at 31 properties with 7,159 rooms and the luxury segment at 22 properties with 5,496 rooms.

The Central and South America hotel development pipeline comprises 221 hotels totaling 32,898 rooms.

Among the region’s countries, Brazil reported the largest number of rooms in the total active pipeline with 13,765 rooms. Other countries to report more than 1,000 rooms in the total active pipeline include: Panama at 7,129 rooms, Colombia at 2,747 rooms, Argentina at 2,263 rooms, Costa Rica at 1,506 rooms and Chile at 1,278 rooms.

The Caribbean and Mexico hotel development pipeline comprises 128 hotels totaling 17,886 rooms, according to the March 2012 STR Construction Pipeline Report.

Among chain scale segments, the upscale segment accounted for the largest portion of rooms in the total active pipeline with 25.9% and 4,629 rooms. Three other segment also each accounted for more than 15% of rooms in the total active pipeline: the luxury segment at 22.5% with 4,022 rooms, the upper midscale segment at 20.8% with 3,713 rooms and the unaffiliated segment at 18.4% with 3,285 rooms.