Adriatic Luxury Hotels announces new organizational structure

Adriatic Luxury Hotels, Dubrovnik, Croatia, has announced a new organizational structure and business operations plan.

Adriatic Luxury Hotels is the result of the merger of management companies Excelsad and Jadranski Luksuzni Hotelid, was acquired by the Chile-based Lukšic Group last September. Now, Adriatic Luxury Hotels has appointed a new leadership team: Katija Jerkovic as sales and marketing director, Vlado Lucic as director of corporate development and hotel operations, Josip Mikulic as director of legal affairs and human resources and Antun Jakobušic as finance director.

Adriatic Luxury Hotels has consolidated the two management companies’ common sales services, marketing and public relations, finance and controlling, accounting, corporate development and investment, human resources and legal affairs services, as well as procurement operations and IT support, and employs a total of 80 staff.

“The new organizational structure of Adriatic Luxury Hotels is necessary to build a stronger company and is in harmony with the Lukšic Group’s long-term investment strategy for tourism in Dubrovnik and Croatian tourism in general,” said Camilo Soza, Adriatic Luxury Hotels’ management board president.