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Jeff Weinstein, Editor in Chief of HOTELS magazine, chats with Robin Trimingham, The Innovative Hotelier Podcast Host about the origins of Jeff’s interest in the hospitality sector and why now is the ideal time for HOTELS Magazine to launch its own podcast series to advance the magazine’s position as the leading source of hospitality industry insights and information.

In this broad-based conversation, Jeff also touches on the rapid transformation currently taking place throughout the hotel industry and the importance of applying alternative logic in assessing new business opportunities that promote holistic wellness, humanity, and profitability within the hotel sector; and the opportunity to use The Innovative Hotelier as a platform for hotel industry thought leaders to share ideas and best practices with the listening audience.

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Highlights from Today’s Episode

  • How Jeff thinks he is going to strengthen HOTELS through The Innovative Hotelier Podcast series.
  • The different aspects to be discussed with guests on the podcast that would go along with all the breakthroughs occurring in the industry. 
  • What you can look forward to learning about as a listener and follower of The Innovative Hotelier Podcast series.

Episode Transcript

Interviewer: Welcome to the “Innovative Hotelier Podcast” by HOTELS magazine, with weekly thought-provoking discussions with the world’s leading hotel and hospitality innovators.

This is a fascinating time in the industry because everything is in the midst of change and innovation and everybody looking at new ways to service people safely. How is the addition of the “Innovative Hotelier Podcast” going to advance HOTELS’ position as the leading source of hospitality industry insights and information?

Interviewee: For me, it’s about who we talk to. They’re the ones with all the knowledge, they’re the ones who are the innovators, and it’s up to us to find them and to bring out their knowledge. We want them to be thought leaders. We want them to help educate our listeners. And it’s up to us to ask the right questions, find the right people, and be the edge, it’s not gonna be PR, it’s going to be hard-hitting I hope, also human, and maybe a little bit funny, but more importantly, educational. I want this to be practical, and I want there to be takeaways for our listeners. Something that they can apply to their own businesses.

Interviewer: What areas do you really want to focus on or exploring your conversations?

Interviewee: Right now what has been most intrigued I call it alt-logic. And I think a lot of people are starting to recognize the emergence of alternative hotel spaces. Everybody’s creating an extended stay, lifestyle brand. There are brands that are not traditional, but they have a really unique take on hospitality and are very forward-looking based on changing demographics. And actually what this pandemic has brought to the business, how people are traveling differently. And there are a lot of really interesting players out there now who are attracting a lot of capital, and talking to them and finding out how they’re operating differently, how they’re developing differently, I think is going to be a really interesting play for us.

I really love talking to hoteliers. They’re so polished, they probably speak three languages, they are dressed impeccably, they know so much about food and wine. They’re just really impressive people and, of course, they have the spirit of hospitality, which really speaks to me. I feel very fortunate to have had this career interviewing hoteliers and following this industry.

Interviewer: It’s an opportunity to have a conversation about how do we care for each other, how do we serve each other, and how do we come up with new ways to help people travel safely and comfortably? And the medium of podcasts is fantastic because really, really busy people can still listen in, in between meetings or when they’re driving in the car or when they’re waiting for a flight. And the opportunity to work with HOTELS magazine is for me basically a dream come true.

You’ve been listening to the “Innovative Hotelier Podcast” brought to you by HOTELS magazine. Join us again soon for more up-to-the-minute insights and information specifically for the hotel industry sector.

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