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About Rotisol


ROTISOL has been building the best professional rotisseries in the world for over 65 years. The quality of our design, our adaptability and production facilities, as well as the sustained efforts of our service department, guarantee the best customer satisfaction. 

Rotisol Products

Grand Flame/Millenium

The Millenium line with its modern and refined design allows for quick and efficient roasting. The flames lick the cast iron plates in a luxurious display for a cooking show that will delight your customers. Its sophistication allows you to serve your meats and side dishes with flare and quality.

Master Flame/Olympia

The OLYMPIA is the flag ship of our live flames cooking rotisseries. It offers luxury design for the most demanding gastronomy. The OLYMPIA range shows a rustic know-how, with visible chains and pulleys, 3 sided glass doors, whose appearance evokes the spirit of traditional cooking.

Flamboyant – Performance

The PERFORMANCE line of rotisseries with its high output, speed and quality allows roasting a variety of products. Ergonomic, technical and safe, PERFORMANCE rotisseries represent a first-class investment to optimize your business.

Roti Roaster and Star Clean

Sleek, economical lines of convection ovens dedicated to roasting perfection. They are easy to clean and maintain, convenient to operate with a quick return to service self-cleaning cycle option (SC only)

Heated and Refrigerated granite counter tops

Cold or hot built-in surfaces to enhance your food display/ holding area and attract customers keeping food in required temperature conditions according to HACCP regulation.