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RAK Porcelain

RAK Porcelain Europe S.A.
440, Z.A.E. Wolser F
Phone: +352 26 36 06 65 30
Mr. Bertrand Lecante - Marketing Director

About RAK Porcelain


RAK Porcelain specializes in the crafting, manufacturing, and supplying of exquisite quality porcelain tableware catering to the International HORECA Industry. From their headquarters in Ras-al-Khaimah and their subsidiaries in Luxembourg and the USA, they supply dinnerware, cutlery & glassware to the global market.
Acting as a partner to leaders in all hospitality categories who are in search of excellence and innovation, RAK Porcelain believes that the tableware adds value to the table and to the guest experience. Practical in use and highly aesthetic, this is what describes the essence of RAK Porcelain.

RAK Porcelain Products


RAK Porcelain’s Bravura features an elegant silhouette and a delicate yet timeless grace. The series was designed by internationally renowned Robin Levien Studio and represents the discipline and precision shared by ballet dancers and chefs alike. This is a complete hotel series in bone china with a modern twist.


Designed for professionals by professionals, RAK Porcelain’s Fedra provides spectacular and bold gastronomy contrasts with its sleek design and sublime coupe shapes. Its range of ultra-fine shapes in bone china inspires everyone – restaurants, room service, fine breakfast venues or tea rooms – while relishing in its own universality.



Spectra has been adorned with elegant lines, carved in noble bone china. Inspired by Fedra’s sleek design and ultra-fine shapes, Spectra offers an additional element of design for chefs who like the classics but at the same time seek that little extra to really stand out.

RAK Earth

Hospitality tableware leader RAK Porcelain’s newest collection takes you on a culinary voyage through time to discover the origins of pottery and the influences of the seven seas. RAK Earth is a sensory collection which puts an innovative twist on traditional terracotta and clay pottery.


RAK Porcelain’s crafty stoneware like porcelain range Rakstone, consists of trendy and unique articles which are individually hand decorated yet affordable. Discover the latest additions Krush and Kerrazzo, which both showcase natural beauty and soft tones of colour and can thus be easily combined with each other.