WiFi fees are most annoying charges among UK travelers, survey says

UNITED KINGDOM No hotel charge these days generates greater angst among guests than wireless Internet, at least among UK travelers, a new study finds.

According to a survey of 1,815 UK travelers by, three out of four people resent hotel WiFi charges and believe the service should be provided for free.

Parking fees are also a peeve of guests, with 73% saying they hate having to pay to leave their cars. Other annoying charges include having to pay for bottled water, the morning newspaper and fitness center towels, in that order.

The poll also finds resentment toward minibar charges, with about 80% of respondents agreeing that items are overpriced, and 74% saying they avoid minibars altogether.

More than half of travelers, 56%, say they scour their folios at checkout to make sure they are not being wrongly charged.