What’s Hot: Halekulani shakes up a new bar concept

Halekulani in Waikiki has opened L’Aperitif, a new bar.

The property collaborated with the Ritz Paris and Head Barman Colin Field of the Hemingway Bar to create the bar. Field consulted in variety of elements, from staff training to creating the menu pairings with Halekulani’s chefs.

“This new, historically-based bar concept is a nod to the Belle Époque – a period of French history when peace and prosperity allowed the arts and sophisticated Parisian social culture to reach unprecedented heights from the latter nineteenth century until the start of World War I,” says Peter Shaindlin, chief operating officer of Halekulani Corp. “The aperitif was the very symbol of Belle Époque lifestyle that encouraged the period’s remarkable joie de vivre, where individuals relaxed and celebrated life through fine spirits and social interaction.”

Halekulani Executive Chef Vikram Garg and La Mer’s Chef de Cuisine, Alexandre Tranche, have created dishes like oyster with lychee ginger sorbet and Big Island goat cheese with cinnamon tuile and pickled beetroot to accompany the cocktails.

L’Aperitif is located within La Mer restaurant.

L'Aperitif at La Mer, Halekulani (photo by Rae Huo)
L’Aperitif at La Mer, Halekulani (photo by Rae Huo)