What drives meeting planner’s loyalty to independents?

In the final installment of a series about how hoteliers can better develop loyalty among meeting planners, Unifocus’s research focuses on independent hotels.

Overall, combined key opportunities relative to the meeting planners who recently hosted events at an independent property include the following areas, which if performance growth could be obtained could result in an increase in meeting planner satisfaction and loyalty:

1. Audio-visual: value for the price paid

2. Availability of audio-visual services

3. Overall satisfaction with the quality of food and beverage service

The key opportunities for association and SMERF event planners, and the attributes that hotels that want to target these segments for growth include:

1. Sales: effective communication and follow-through

2. Availability of audio-visual services

3, Sales: execution of proposals and contracts

To improve satisfaction and loyalty ratings amongst the planners hosting corporate meetings and events, independent hotel operators should be aware of the following key opportunities:

1. Audio-visual: value for the price paid

2. Food and beverage service at the meeting or event

3. Planning: accuracy of the banquet event orders

In summary, no matter what type of venue, or what market segments hoteliers are targeting for meetings and events business, there are always attributes that are most important to event contacts and their attendees. By being aware of these attributes hoteliers can be more proactive in their sales, planning and service delivery.