Waldorf Astoria launches service initiative

Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts this month is launching a new initiative called True Waldorf Service, where a personal concierge is assigned to qualified guests and acts as their primary contact before, during and after a stay.

“We’ve invested more than 150,000 hours of training to make sure this service is worthy of our namesake,” said John Vanderslice, global head of luxury and lifestyle brands, Hilton Worldwide.

Hilton added that guests who book through a group or third-party travel agents are not eligible for True Waldorf Service given the anonymous nature of such bookings.

True Waldorf Service takes a three-pronged approach:

True Waldorf Service Welcome: Before they arrive, guests receive a personalized email connecting them to their personal concierge to pre-arrange services and special requests attuned to their history and personal preferences, and in relation to the destination. The personal concierge then welcomes the guest upon arrival.

True Waldorf Service Experience: Once onsite, the personal concierge escorts guests directly to accommodations, bypassing the typical check-in process. Outside of interactions with the personal concierge, guests have 24-hour access to designated representatives with local expertise and an informed understanding of their needs.

True Waldorf Service Invitation to Return: An industry first, according to Hilton, the Invitation to Return includes perks arranged by the personal concierge such as packing services, boxed lunches, home luggage delivery, transportation arrangements and expedited checkout. Guests will also receive a small departure gift reflective of the local property or culture and a follow-up thank you note after the trip.