Travel companies yet to fully capitalize on social media

Travel companies are not fully capitalizing on the business opportunities presented by social media platforms, according to the Digital Channels in Travel report launched by Facebook and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte Global).  The report adds that travel companies must fully integrate digital channels into their overall business strategies in order to better engage with consumers.

The report’s key recommendations include:

Effective measurement – To fully maximize the opportunity presented by digital channels, companies must hold their digital activities to the same standards of measurable return that they apply to traditional marketing tools. Measuring the number of “likes” is not meaningful on its own unless it can be connected to a larger and measurable business goal. 

Leverage digital channels to improve targeting abilities – Collecting information on consumers is only the first step. Brands need to effectively use data to target specific audiences. By targeting specific consumer cohorts, companies can be more efficient with their spending and dedicate more resources to consumers who are likely to generate revenue for the company.

Integrate digital channels into the broader business Digital operations need to happen right alongside operational activities to be effective. An effective digital strategy cannot happen if digital marketing lives siloed on the organizational chart – and the optimal location for digital operations is unique to each company.  According to the report, a successful organization is one that allows digital channels to cut across and support all the relevant parts of the business.

“With the right approach, digital can transform a travel company’s marketing efforts and deliver real ROI,” said Adam Weissenberg, Deloitte’s global sector leader for travel, hospitality and leisure. “However, effective strategies must be tied to business goals in order to begin to see real, tangible results.”

The report’s findings are based on Deloitte Global’s review of data from a Facebook-commissioned global survey of 10,500 people who use social media.